Latin America cannot be properly understood without the mixture of heritages from all over the world. Photo (c)  The Economist 2015

LATIN AMERICA: Identity and Dual Citizenship

Migration is a deeply entrenched concept within Latin America. Whether it is people crossing a border to establish themselves in a foreign land or a State receiving an influx of…

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The film traces back the story of Agustín Goiburú, a radical dissident of the Stroessner dictatorship in Paraguay, through his children’s memories. 
 Photo (c) Open City Docs 2017

HISTORY / PARAGUAY: Act of Remembering Stroessner Dictatorship: Paz Encina’s ‘Memory Exercises’ Documentary

By Maureen Gueunet; cross-posted from Open City Documentaries –  This year’s Open City Documentary Festival will present the UK premiere of Paz Encina’s new feature film, the documentary Memory Exercises. The…

Barbaro: "These anti-liberal policies seemed to be the solution to underdevelopment in South America, but were the opposite." Photo (c) Centro Tampa 2017

OP-ED: POLITICS: Can Leftist Populism be Defeated in South America?

(Cross-posted article by Facundo Barbaro; Young Diplomats) – The latest elections and polls led the world to believe that the depleted and drifting leftist governments of the region were about to…

Since many South American nations have dollar driven debts, the fact that the U.S dollar is expected to remain strong in the immediate future, many governments will struggle to pay their debt fees and experience a decline in budget revenues.

POLITICS: South American Geopolitical Forecast of 2017

By Vincent Lofaso – In South America, the geopolitical prospects differ between countries. Some nations will focus on deterring criminal syndications and settle peace deals with rebel forces while others…

The re-questioning of Venezuela's Mercosur acceptability marks a corner stone in South America's historical bell shape curve. Photo (c) La Nación Argentina 2016

MERCOSUR: Venezuela Crisis and Big Picture Regional Implications

Venezuela’s assuming of the Mercosur pro-tempore presidency has not only tested the  regional economic bloc’s crisis-era resilience, but furthermore right and left-wing governmental relations – public and private. The re-questioning…

The UN declares August 30th the International Day of the Disappeared, but Latin America has been no foreigner to forced disappearances on any day.

INTERNATIONAL DAY of the DISAPPEARED: Latin America Past and Present

The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 65/209 declares August 30th the International Day of the Disappeared. Yet for the past century, Latin America has been no foreigner to forced disappearances…


ANALYSIS: The Latin American Leadership Question

A fundamental question of the role of Latin American leadership is more pivotal than ever. Highly popular ex-union leader Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva stopped being Brazilian president in 2010. And yet Lula…


PARAGUAY: Making chipa

I had been promised an unforgettable experience and was eagerly looking forward to helping make chipa, a Paraguayan cheese-flavoured bread roll unlike anything I had ever tasted. While chipa is…


US Government Issues Zika Disease Travel Warning

The Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention (CDC) have issued a warning to travelers – particularly pregnant women – to avoid 14 countries and territories in the Caribbean and…

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Paraguay: 5 killed in powerful storm

Five killed and thousands left homeless after storm ravages suburb of Asunción; controversy over repatriation of Stroessner’s remains; EPP has ‘grown considerably’