Since many South American nations have dollar driven debts, the fact that the U.S dollar is expected to remain strong in the immediate future, many governments will struggle to pay their debt fees and experience a decline in budget revenues.

POLITICS: South American Geopolitical Forecast of 2017

By Vincent Lofaso – In South America, the geopolitical prospects differ between countries. Some nations will focus on deterring criminal syndications and settle peace deals with rebel forces while others…

Uribe and his followers have made careers out of the Colombian civil war. How willing are they to end it?

LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS: Plata o Plomo – The Origins of Uribe’s Anti-Peace Process Agenda

Outspoken Colombian Ex-President Alvaro Uribe’s call for civil resistance against the Santos government-FARC peace process in Havana during its final stages must be interpreted through various contextual circumstances, principally via economic, political but perhaps…

Courtesy of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, via Wikimedia Commons

50 Years of Armed Conflict in Colombia

“The atmosphere is tense and a revolution may be brewing”. From 1952, this was ‘Che’ Guevara’s reflection on Colombia, as recorded in his Motorcycle Diaries. At that time, rural areas…

Alvaro Uribe speaks to the press via Wikimedia Commons: 

Political polarisation in Colombia

Political polarisation is coming to Colombia. In fact, it is already there. For years a major problem affecting the quality of Colombia’s democracy has been the lack of political opposition….