High commodity prices and mineral royalties increased government revenue. Extra money was invested in education, healthcare, and social-assistance programs. Photo (c) Shale Seguro 207

ECONOMY: The Limited Resilience of South America’s Commodity Boom

(By Barbara Hogenboom and Marjo de Theije) – In the last decade, South America has seen substantial economic growth combined with impressive social progress. While the surge in social spending…

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Stock market expectations about Falkland Island oil findings are increasing. And Rockhopper is not the only one involved in the business. Photo (c) Telam 2016


The British government and various multi-national stakeholders expect to – with increasing effect – extract Falkland Islands-originated crude oil and natural gas in 2017. This will cushion their abrupt energy revenue…

Disproportionate benefits for multinationals are leaving Brazil's most vulnerable in a crisis set to outlive the Olympic flame.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Rio After the 2016 Rio Olympics

The State of Rio de Janeiro is hosting more than just the Olympics. It also hosts a tangible portion of Brazil’s unemployed. In fact, disproportionate benefits for multinationals are leaving Brazil’s…


Urban Wildlife in Colombia

In the trees round uni, everyone knows, are iguanas, bold enough for staring matches, spined and metre-long. Just as common are the parakeets, scarlet fronted or orange cheeked, and a…