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Pulsamérica Magazine is a British-American digital news magazine and think tank that provides centralist, impartial analytical coverage of Latin American domestic and international relations on a country-by-country, topical basis. Its primary focus is economic, political and security affairs, among others. “Bringing the Latin American perspective to the English language world”, Pulsamerica’s readership spans more than 100 countries and various governmental and NGO authorities. 

By analyzing the Spanish, Portuguese, French and indigenous language media across Latin America and the Caribbean, our highly educated and experienced team and guest writers bring you a digest contrary to the biased nature common to other mass media outlets. We pride our contributors for their journalistic integrity, knowledge and diversity.

A unique resource, Pulsamérica Magazine is used by universities, newspapers, government officials, business owners, non-profits and other non-governmental organizations across the globe, providing valuable, strategic, succinct, anti-newsertainment, clean and accessible insight into significant affairs that lie disregarded by the rest of the English-speaking media.

Our readership spans more than 100 countries and various governmental and NGO authorities, thus offering writers the opportunity of international cross-industry visibility and a respected forum to host their knowledge, endeavors and viewpoints.

Originally launched in 2010, it is owned and managed by Editor-in-Chief Ailana Navarez. Navarez emphasizes offering an opportunity of international visibility and voice to other on-the-ground LAT AM / IR analysts, journalists, academics, travelers, NGOs and  professionals.

If you are interested in contributing to Pulsamerica – whether one article, multiple articles, a column or/and through a more official or less official capacity – , please visit the WRITE FOR US page for more information.

DISCLAIMER: Pulsamerica only features affairs contributors individually cover to a high standard of quality, and does not reflect Pulsamerica-as-a-whole’s sense of importance for overall Latin American current events. Thank you for understanding.