UPDATE: A Letter from Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Pulsamerica Magazine, Ailana Navarez


To whom it may concern,

I am saying farewell to Pulsamerica Magazine for now and embarking upon a new life as an intern at an Embassy and then as a Peace Corps volunteer.

This means that all previously published Pulsamerica articles will remain open source accessible. Pulsamerica-related emails, direct messing and otherwise – including solicitations – will not receive response.

Since there will be no consistent, reliable nor efficient editorial oversight available during this absence period, new material is thus on hold. Quality control of the magazine is hence maintained. Such beneficially preserves the publication and contributors’ personal and professional reputations.

To follow my Peace Corps adventures, visit my blog, Hawaiian in Guyana.

Thank you for understanding. Most of all, thank you for following and supporting Pulsamerica Magazine throughout its nearly decade-long journey of proudly representing individuals across borders, expertise and cultures. May our work continue to “bring the Latin American perspective to the English language world”.


Ailana Navarez
Editor-in-Chief of Pulsamerica Magazine

About the Author

Ailana Navarez
Ailana Navarez is Pulsamerica’s Editor-in-Chief, Owner, Digital Marketing Manager and Contributor; and Deputy Editor of partner-magazine International Policy Digest. She is former Contributor of Uruguay and Venezuela. She has published over 100 international relations-related articles as a political analyst / journalist with a concentration in Latin American leadership analysis, economy, history, international relations, and her research passions, politics and narco-trafficking. As a photographer, she has covered international summits – including of MERCOSUR and the UN. She holds a BA in Government and Psychology at Harvard, pursuing an MA in Homeland Security at Penn State, and is certified in Competitive Counter Intelligence, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Countering Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum. She has volunteered for environmental, educational and law enforcement entities - domestically and abroad. She maintains permanent residency status in Panama, the United States and Uruguay. She speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hawaiian Creole.