Latin America cannot be properly understood without the mixture of heritages from all over the world. Photo (c)  The Economist 2015

LATIN AMERICA: Identity and Dual Citizenship

Migration is a deeply entrenched concept within Latin America. Whether it is people crossing a border to establish themselves in a foreign land or a State receiving an influx of…

transparency international

URUGUAY: Surpasses Chile As Least Corrupt Latin American Country

According to Transparency International’s 2015 ranking regarding the classification of a total of 168 countries by perceived corruption, Uruguay outranks Chile as the least corrupt Latin American country, with Venezuela allegedly…

Dilma 2014

Brazil: corruption scandal picking up pace

The investigation into the Petrobras corruption scandal might sink President Rousseff’s second term before it has scarcely begun. In Brazil only “prostitutes, blacks and the poor” are ever arrested. So…