Colombian cartels should be regarded as major International corporations with strong governmental links. Photo (c) Young Diplomats 2016

SECURITY: How Does a Narco-State Work?

(By Rosario Hernandez; Young Diplomats): A Narco-State, by definition, is an area or government that is involved in drug trafficking directly or indirectly. It varies from having a figure as important…

Renown academics and experts will discuss the Brexit, China and Latin America and the role of development banks, among other topics.  Photo (c) CAF 2017

IV CAF-LSE Conference: Addressing Globalization Crisis and its Global South Impact

(By CAF – Latin American Development Bank) – (London, January 4, 2017). In a year marked by surprising changes such as the US presidential election and the UK’s decision to exit…


SECURITY: Hezbollah’s Narcotrafficking Strategy in Latin America

Hezbollah maintains concurrent connections with powerful stakeholders in  Latin America. These characters are linked to money laundering and weapons, principally drug trafficking. According to a study by the US Naval War College, most Hezbollah…