Latin America cannot be properly understood without the mixture of heritages from all over the world. Photo (c)  The Economist 2015

LATIN AMERICA: Identity and Dual Citizenship

Migration is a deeply entrenched concept within Latin America. Whether it is people crossing a border to establish themselves in a foreign land or a State receiving an influx of…

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Latin America was a major battleground during the Cold War, as the United States and the USSR competed to establish economic and political influence. Photo (c) El Mañana

HISTORY: LATIN AMERICA: Shaped by Foreign Power Struggles

(Cross-posted article by Zarif Ahmed from Young Diplomats) – Before the emergence of independent Latin American states, the region saw roughly 300 years of Iberian colonization. Near the end of…

Barbaro: "These anti-liberal policies seemed to be the solution to underdevelopment in South America, but were the opposite." Photo (c) Centro Tampa 2017

OP-ED: POLITICS: Can Leftist Populism be Defeated in South America?

(Cross-posted article by Facundo Barbaro; Young Diplomats) – The latest elections and polls led the world to believe that the depleted and drifting leftist governments of the region were about to…

Colombian cartels should be regarded as major International corporations with strong governmental links. Photo (c) Young Diplomats 2016

SECURITY: How Does a Narco-State Work?

(By Rosario Hernandez; Young Diplomats): A Narco-State, by definition, is an area or government that is involved in drug trafficking directly or indirectly. It varies from having a figure as important…

Renown academics and experts will discuss the Brexit, China and Latin America and the role of development banks, among other topics.  Photo (c) CAF 2017

IV CAF-LSE Conference: Addressing Globalization Crisis and its Global South Impact

(By CAF – Latin American Development Bank) – (London, January 4, 2017). In a year marked by surprising changes such as the US presidential election and the UK’s decision to exit…


SECURITY: Hezbollah’s Narcotrafficking Strategy in Latin America

Hezbollah maintains concurrent connections with powerful stakeholders in  Latin America. These characters are linked to money laundering and weapons, principally drug trafficking. According to a study by the US Naval War College, most Hezbollah…