May 2014


Argentina: Two Folk Saints

  Popular beliefs; myths; legends; folklore; gauchito gil; difunta correa; death; corrientes; san juan; local heroes; miracles Myths and legends are an anchor to the past: they’re a national narrative…

Courtesy of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, via Wikimedia Commons

50 Years of Armed Conflict in Colombia

“The atmosphere is tense and a revolution may be brewing”. From 1952, this was ‘Che’ Guevara’s reflection on Colombia, as recorded in his Motorcycle Diaries. At that time, rural areas…

Alvaro Uribe speaks to the press via Wikimedia Commons:

Political polarisation in Colombia

Political polarisation is coming to Colombia. In fact, it is already there. For years a major problem affecting the quality of Colombia’s democracy has been the lack of political opposition….

Mexico: Prehistoric skeleton discovered in Mexican cave

Prehistoric skeleton discovered in Mexican cave; education reform progress; International Day Against Homophobia  Mexico: Prehistoric skeleton discovered in Mexican cave A human skeleton aged between 12000-13000 years old has been…

Pearls Negas

Brazil: A summer playlist

As the weather gets warmer, I prepare for summer by curating a playlist This is a selection of my ten favourite Brazilian musicians for summer 2014 (in no particular order):…

The Amazon rain forest. Loreto region, Peru.

The Amazon: Sponsoring an Acre

The Amazon: Sponsoring an Acre “No,” she said. “I won’t allow it.” We were coming down the river and the motor was failing. A heron fished in the roots to…

A young man running away after setting fire to an improvised barricade. The burning barricade prompted the police to cross the bridge and take action against the 'protestors'

Chile: Students march, children fight

Violence followed a peaceful march by students on May 8, 2014 in Concepción, Chile.  Thursday May 8 saw the first nationally-organised direct action by Chilean students for free and higher-quality…


Ecuador: World Press Freedom Day

Journalists celebrate World Press Freedom Day for first time; Calle 13 group join campaign against Chevron; President orders US military personnel to leave World Press Freedom Day Ecuadorian journalists celebrated…

Pope John Paul II on a visit to Brazil in 1997

Latin America: Papal politics

Latin Americans celebrate the historic canonisation of two popes; as the spiritual influence of the Church declines, it emerges as a political force Last Sunday, thousands celebrated the canonisation of…

Antonio Malta Campos: Figures in Red #2 (2004)

Arts: ‘Pangaea’ at the Saatchi

Rafael Gómezbarros: ‘Casa Tomada’ (2013) A month after the show opened, I finally made it to see the Pangaea exhibition at the Saatchi Galley in Chelsea, London. Named after the…