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Haiti: The Year Ahead

Pressure mounts against the Martelly government; increasing corruption and authoritarianism; Canada pulls aid to Haiti; As we move into 2013 and as we near the third anniversary of the January…

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Cuba: Cholera cases on the rise

Number of cholera cases on the rise; Castro returns from China, Vietnam, and Russia; and government proposes new cooperatives.

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The Caribbean 27/02/2012

Haitian prime minister resigns; Jamaican drug lord appeals for lenience; and the Dominican Republic’s First Lady sues a journalist for slander.

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Uruguay 19/02/12

Sean Penn visits President Mujica, while demonstrations against bridge take place in Lake Garzón, and new funds for investment trigger internal disputes in the Government.

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The Caribbean 16/01/2012

Dominican Republic donates a university campus to Haiti, Puerto Rico celebrates the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, and François Hollande visits the French Antilles.

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Brazil 15/1/12

Safety concerns send orange juice prices soaring, new immigration controls target Haitian influx, and Ahmedinejad’s absence attracts attention.

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Haiti 16/01/12

The two-year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake: speeches; an inauguration and outside opinion.

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Brazil 19/12/11

Brazilian soldiers accused of abuses in Haiti, Brazil makes record donation for Palestine’s refugees, and a court victory for the Belo Monte dam project.

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Cuba 21/11/2011

Cuba announces new options for self-employed, and further downsizing of the sugar industry bureaucracy. Haitian President Martelly makes a state visit. 

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Cuba 14/11/2011

Cuba celebrates its Catholic patron, appoints a new Minister of Defense, and vows to fight corruption. Mariela Castro makes a controversial foray into Twitter.

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Haiti 17/10/11

Ban Ki-Moon reveals plans for Minustah in Haiti as the French-speaking world declares its ongoing support.

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Haiti 10/10/11

Third time lucky? Conille ratified as new Haitian PM as Haitians march over Brooklyn Bridge.