Central America

Limited bilateral relations notwithstanding, there is optimism regarding the future of relations between the EAEU (as a bloc) and Latin America. Photo Illustration (c) John Lyman 2017

OP-ED: The Eurasian Economic Union and Latin America: What Could 2018 Bring?

By Alex Sanchez: Cross-posted from International Policy Digest – As the world becomes more interconnected, regions that are geographically distant are now becoming closer as diplomatic and trade ties develop….

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Political factors facilitating successful narco trafficking networks in Latin America include destabilized histories and high-profile conflicts of interest. Photo (c) Matador Network 2017

SECURITY: Latin American Narco-Politics: An Internal and External Affair

Successful illicit narcotics trafficking networks in source and transit from Latin American and Caribbean countries involve significant political factors. Latin America and the Caribbean are infamously rife with narco trafficking…

Terrorist organizations and illicit actors working together poses a new major risk to Western Hemispheric security. Photo (c) AFP 2013

SECURITY: Terrorist Organizations & Illicit Actors’ Nexus an Increasing Threat to Western Hemispheric Security

Terrorist organizations and illicit actors working together poses a new major risk to Western Hemispheric security. Modernization and the conversion of ancient traditional modus operandi hybridize to enable certain criminalities’…

Latin America cannot be properly understood without the mixture of heritages from all over the world. Photo (c)  The Economist 2015

LATIN AMERICA: Identity and Dual Citizenship

Migration is a deeply entrenched concept within Latin America. Whether it is people crossing a border to establish themselves in a foreign land or a State receiving an influx of…

When a lemon-in-the-eyes social experiment symbolizes the prospective hope yet logical reservation of one terrorist organizations' transition into peace. Photo (c) Semana 2016; FARC logo artistically  added.

COLOMBIA: Reconciling Post-War Terrorists – Contextualizing the New FARC in History’s Shadow

Colombian journalist Daniel Samper recently conducted a light-hearted YouTube challenge…with FARC leader Jesus Santrich. Participating in a viral stunt, it involved squeezing lemon juice into their eyes and seeing who endured…

Latin America's complex populism experience is often overlooked. Those countering it in Europe, the US and elsewhere would be wise to consider it. Photo (c) Urgente 24 2007

POLITICS: US, Lat Am & EU Populism: Still Expanding Horizons  

(Cross-Posted article by Elmer Hernandez from PGW Global and International Policy Digest) – Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have provided a rude awakening for many in Europe who had ignored the…

Latin America was a major battleground during the Cold War, as the United States and the USSR competed to establish economic and political influence. Photo (c) El Mañana

HISTORY: LATIN AMERICA: Shaped by Foreign Power Struggles

(Cross-posted article by Zarif Ahmed from Young Diplomats) – Before the emergence of independent Latin American states, the region saw roughly 300 years of Iberian colonization. Near the end of…

Dr. Solheim: Latin America's lacking criminal justice systems, political leadership, and socioeconomic inequality aggravate its security problem. Photo (c) La Prensa Honduras 2013

SECURITY: Latin America’s Problem: What to Expect and What Should be Done  

By Dr. Håvar Solheim; University lecturer Modern History; Department of Latin American Studies; Leiden University – For years Latin America has been profiled as one of the most violent regions in…

The lessons ex-Dictator Noriega's life taught about power dynamics in an era of increasing globalization are timeless...for better and for worst. Photo (c) La Opinion Panama 2011

LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS: PANAMA: General Noriega’s Death: The Closing – or Opening of a New – “Chapter in History”?

Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela described former Dictator Manuel Noriega’s death following a complicated surgery at 83-years-old as the “end of a chapter in history”. Yet what the General’s life taught…

Colombian cartels should be regarded as major International corporations with strong governmental links. Photo (c) Young Diplomats 2016

SECURITY: How Does a Narco-State Work?

(By Rosario Hernandez; Young Diplomats): A Narco-State, by definition, is an area or government that is involved in drug trafficking directly or indirectly. It varies from having a figure as important…

Renown academics and experts will discuss the Brexit, China and Latin America and the role of development banks, among other topics.  Photo (c) CAF 2017

IV CAF-LSE Conference: Addressing Globalization Crisis and its Global South Impact

(By CAF – Latin American Development Bank) – (London, January 4, 2017). In a year marked by surprising changes such as the US presidential election and the UK’s decision to exit…

PRD Secretary General  Pedro Miguel Gonzalez has tested US-Panamanian and inner party relations. What explains his continued rise?

PANAMA: Anti-US Politician Maintains Leading Political Role, Threatens US Bi-lateral Relations and Jeopardizes Upcoming Presidential Election

Two decades ago, Pedro Miguel Gonzalez assaulted an unprovoked US military vehicle during US occupancy of the Panama Canal Zone. The attack critically wounded one US serviceman and murdered another. Now, Gonzalez…

As western media concentrates on the US firearms debate, Panama offers an also telling case study. Photo (c) Ailana Navarez ; Pulsamerica 2016 ft. ex-Deputy Yassir Purcait ; Balboa Gun Club

PANAMA: Plata, Plomo y la Politica: Fighting the War on Firearms and Corruption

Economic crisis brings history changing implications. Each country handles insecurity, political tensions, and corruption distinctly. Survival is of mutual interest. When it comes to survivalist crisis management, Panama is a…

The UN declares August 30th the International Day of the Disappeared, but Latin America has been no foreigner to forced disappearances on any day.

INTERNATIONAL DAY of the DISAPPEARED: Latin America Past and Present

The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 65/209 declares August 30th the International Day of the Disappeared. Yet for the past century, Latin America has been no foreigner to forced disappearances…

South American football chiefs have put pressure on UEFA to hold a one-of match between the winners of the Copa America Centenario, Chile, and Portugal – winners of Euro 2016. Photo (c) Getty Images 2016

SPORTS: Copa America Winners Chile to Play Portugal in New Proposal

South American football chiefs have put pressure on UEFA to hold a one-of match between the winners of the Copa America Centenario, Chile, and Portugal – winners of Euro 2016….


SECURITY: Old Drug War vs. New Counter-Strategies

The modern geopolitics of Latin America’s on-going Drug War highlights the impact of different strategies on combating – and surviving – a war against all odds. The illegal drug trade…