Guatemala: Central Bank forecasts uptick in remittances

The Way He Looks Cover Image (1024x772)

Review of Acclaimed Brazilian film The Way He Looks


Ecuador: Correa will run in 2017 elections if pressured by opposition

President Evo Morales

Feature: Can we learn from Morales?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

BBC Top Gear Argentina Scandal: the lack of historical knowledge and the defence of ignorance are most damning

Fourth miner is rescued on 13th October 2010, Copiapó, Chile

CHILE: Miners’ four-year anniversary of triumphant escape

Manuel Puig

Feature: Manuel Puig and the power of the ‘cursi’

Robert Serra's charisma will be sorely missed by the governing party, PSUV.

Venezuela: Lawmaker’s death stirs Colombian tension


Ecuador: Judge sentences the Mejía College 60


El Salvador: Rampant extortion goes unreported


China/Latin America: China now primary supplier of Bolivia’s imports

Silva and Rousseff converse during Lula's presidency.  Image courtesy of Agência Brasil, via Wikimedia Commons

Brazilian election preview: candidates and outcomes

A gormet quinoa dish at the Ceviche Restaurant in Soho, London

Feature: Is quinoa really the new cocaine in Bolivia?


Honduras: President calls for overarching strategy to fight drug trafficking

View of the plaza at Teōtihuácān, north east of Mexico City. Photograph: author's own

‘Lost Kingdoms of Central America’: BBC programme title misleads

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