Guatemala: There are over half a million child workers

Ollanta Humala in consultation with his cabinet over alleged spying

CHILE: Two Peruvian naval officers accused of spying for Chile

el salvador inseguridad

El Salvador: Insecurity hampers business environment

san pedro sula violence

Honduras: San Pedro Sula is once again the most violent city in the world

Bachelet announcing the bill

CHILE: Bachelet calls for an end to universal ban on abortion

Diosdado Cabello strongly denies any involvement with criminal gangs.

Venezuela: Congress majority leader dismisses cartel links

Relatos salvajes

Relatos Salvajes: The Universality of Brutality


Guatemala: President highlights security improvements

Pablo Neruda's tomb, on Isla Negra, where preparations have begun

CHILE: Pablo Neruda’s death investigation reopened: was he poisoned?

centam violence

Honduras: UN Secretary General worries about violence in Central America


Ecuador: Waorani tribesmen detained following attack on oil facility

Julio Cortázar

Feature: Playing hopscotch with Julio Cortázar


El Salvador: Measures to reactivate coffee industry are insufficient


Ecuador: Ecuador’s credit with China sees big rise


Ecuador: Indigenous leader prominent in environmental activism murdered

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