Honduras: President calls for overarching strategy to fight drug trafficking

View of the plaza at Teōtihuácān, north east of Mexico City. Photograph: author's own

‘Lost Kingdoms of Central America’: BBC programme title misleads


Ecuador: Detained student protestors await hearing


Mexico: Monterrey, the city of mountains

Monica Spear starred in a number of telenovelas on the back of her successful modelling career.

Venezuela: Monica Spear killers jailed

oil reuters

Are Latin America’s oil-producing countries shirking their responsibilities on climate change?

Fracking site in North Dakota

Colombia gives green light to fracking


El Salvador: Competitiveness improves in Central America

colombia drought caribbean coast getty bbc

Colombia: North’s recovery from major drought may still be thwarted by El Niño


Honduras: Bill to overhaul the penal code is in the works

The communist comrades need closer economic ties

Cuba and China: more than ideological comrades

climate change

Guatemala: Climate change is taking a toll on Northern Triangle


El Salvador: US government reasserts that illegal immigrants will be deported

Cortege During the Night - Senhoras da Boa Morte

Ladies of The Tradition: Festa da Irmandade da Boa Morte


El Salvador: IDB approves loan to boost credit for SMEs

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