Since many South American nations have dollar driven debts, the fact that the U.S dollar is expected to remain strong in the immediate future, many governments will struggle to pay their debt fees and experience a decline in budget revenues.

SOUTH AMERICA: Geopolitical Forecast of 2017

By Vincent Lofaso – In South America, the geopolitical prospects differ between countries. Some nations will focus on deterring criminal syndications and settle peace deals with rebel forces while others…

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PRD Secretary General  Pedro Miguel Gonzalez has tested US-Panamanian and inner party relations. What explains his continued rise?

PANAMA: Anti-US Politician Maintains Leading Political Role, Threatens US Bi-lateral Relations and Jeopardizes Upcoming Presidential Election

Two decades ago, Pedro Miguel Gonzalez assaulted an unprovoked US military vehicle during US occupancy of the Panama Canal Zone. The attack critically wounded one US serviceman and murdered another. Now, Gonzalez…