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Pulsamerica ACCEPTS online article submissions.

ATTENTION: Only submissions following the following guidelines will be considered for publication.

Thank you for understanding. We look forward to reading.


Whether you are a seasoned professional or university student, if you would enjoy the opportunity of writing about Latin American affairs to a global audience, Pulsamerica may be open to considering your work for publication.

Our readership spans more than 100 countries and various governmental and NGO authorities, thus offering writers the opportunity of international cross-industry visibility and a respected forum to host their knowledge, endeavors and viewpoints.

Pulsamerica also aims to represent voices and strategically vital information otherwise not covered via other Western mass media outlets. We are willing to offer opportunities to writers with on-the-ground experience, solid writing skills, professionalism and above all a passion for Latin America and the Caribbean. We value those who write op-ed or in a fact-based analytical, concise, knowledgeable and balanced fashion, and are aiming to expand the Latin American perspective to the English language world. We accept various genres, including news report/summary, cultural study, historical study, academic pieces, literary and in-depth analysis on contemporary events.

Overall, Pulsamerica’s Flexibility Policy offers a unique space to write about what you want, when you want and how you  want under the vast umbrella of quality content regarding Lat Am applicable topics.

We highly honor our contributors’ busy lives, and the priceless knowledge and experience that originates from those lives.

Note 1: Pulsamerica Magazine highly values our contributors for their journalistic integrity, knowledge, unique experiences and diversity. In order to honor our team and mission, we uphold a harsh anti-plagiarism policy. It simply is not tolerated here. To learn more regarding the various degrees of plagiarism and how to avoid it, please review Harvard College’s piece on “What Constitutes Plagiarism”

Note 2. : Please consider that Pulsamerica does not offer monetary exchange for writing pieces. Pulsamerica may also offer the opportunity to publish negotiated Sponsored content, where a third party pays for hosting space on the site.

That being said…

  • If you wish to submit one writing piece (i.e.: guest post / article) or multiple writing pieces over time, query at any time (P.S.: Don’t forget to mention if you’ve written with us before!).
  • If you wish to apply and are accepted as a continual Contributor or/and Columnist, mention the country of interest (i.e.: Argentina), concentration(s) (i.e.: economy), writing genre(s) (i.e. news report). If accepted, submission guidelines will be customized according to position by the Editorial team.
  • If you wish to submit image files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, etc…), if it is your own, please say so. Original content is encouraged. If it is not, please provide the original third party content URL. If you don’t want to provide photos, no problem. Our Editorial Team will gladly take care of it.
  • If you wish to submit an article that has nothing to do with Latin America, please look elsewhere. Pulsamerica is a Latin American affairs analysis site, and strictly publishes quality content relevant to our readership whose interests point to this region. Thank you and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors as applied appropriately.
  • We also accept Sponsored Content. Contact Us for more info (please see below).
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Pulsamerica upholds several different author positions:

Contributors choose one or more countries to cover (i.e.: Guyana)  and/or specific topic(s) (i.e.: economy). Contributors write about what they want, when they want and how they want under the vast umbrella of upholding professional, knowledgeable and quality content regarding Lat Am applicable topics. Contributors are granted appropriate administrative membership at the magazine.

Guest Writers are Contributors offered a space from one up to a handful of articles without maintaining any official capacity at Pulsamerica. Guest Writers include one-offs, intermittent authors, Sponsored sources, re-publication deals, etc… Guest Writers’ works are – as of October, 2016 – distributed through Pulsamerica’s “Guest Writer” byline, along if individualized accreditation.

Deputy Editors are Contributors who co-assist in occasional editorial quality maintenance of Pulsamerica’s publications. Certain Deputy Editors oversee publishing partnership deals with sister-magazines, thus bringing unparalleled mutual diversity across platforms and global readerships.

Columnists are Contributors with a dedicated space on Pulsamerica and an established professional background. Columnists write occassionally, and are notably experienced on-the-ground individuals who exhibit high quality knowledge, professionalism, public recognition, and pro-activity for their valuable viewpoints and endeavors.



Articles MUST be pasted into the body of your Submission email OR in Word Document (.doc), single-spaced, word count (400-2,000 +). While our editors review all works, we highly encourage you to proof-read yourself as well.

NOTE: Pulsamerica does not provide monetary exchange for writing pieces. However, we do accept space renting if the article is Sponsored. All profits go directly back to up-keeping Pulsamerica’s mission.

SEND your query, author bio, photos (optional; if not yours, please source with URL), article and other related information/questions to:


We look forward to reviewing your work, 

Buena suerte! Boa sorte! Good luck!


the Pulsamerica team



The Pulsamerica team also believes in offering the opportunity of visibility to smaller-time quality writers and organizations globally. Below are some recent examples:

(5/2017) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce PLUS55’s new partnership with Pulsamerica. COHA is “the first platform created to bring content about Brazil to foreign audiences.  plus55 was conceived by a group of journalists and designers to help solve two big problems: misinformation and disinformation about our country.”

P55 and P’s cross-posting publishing alliance expands the multiple perspectives available to our cross-industry audiences regarding Latin American affairs on the world stage.

TO LEARN MORE about plus55, please visit their website.

 5/2017) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce Pulsamerica’s new partnership with WOMEN TRAVEL LATIN AMERICA. WTLA is “all about inspiring women to travel Latin America, discover its wonders and hidden secrets, and perhaps discover some hidden truths about ourselves and our place in the world along the way. This is a website by women travelers for women travelers, to help us through the uncertain moments and to rejoice in our discoveries.”

WTLA and P’s cross-posting publishing alliance expands the multiple perspectives available to our cross-industry audiences regarding Latin American affairs on the world stage.

(4/2017) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce COUNCIL on HEMISPHERIC AFFAIRS (COHA)’s new partnership with Pulsamerica. COHA is “a nonprofit, tax-exempt independent research and information organization, was established to promote the common interests of the hemisphere, raise the visibility of regional affairs and increase the importance of the inter-American relationship, as well as encourage the formulation of rational and constructive U.S. policies towards Latin America.”

P and COHA’s cross-posting publishing alliance expands the multiple perspectives available to our cross-industry audiences regarding Latin American affairs on the world stage.

TO LEARN MORE about COHA, please visit their website.

young diplo retouche  (1/2017) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce YOUNG DIPLOMATS’s new partnership with Pulsamerica. YD is “a webzine discussing international Relations and International Affairs from a fresh and young perspective”.

P and YD’s cross-posting publishing alliance expands the multiple perspectives available to our cross-industry audiences regarding Latin American affairs on the world stage.

TO LEARN MORE about YD, please visit their website.


(10/2016) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce INTERNATIONAL POLICY DIGEST’s new sister-magazine status with Pulsamerica. International Policy Digest is International Policy Digest (IPD) is “an independently run and operated foreign policy website which also tackles U.S. politics”.

P and IPD’s cross-posting publishing alliance deal aims to further enrich and diversify international relations-related content on both media outlets, as well as offering additional international marketing visibility to contributors.

TO LEARN MORE about International Policy Digest, please visit their website.

(06/2016) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce CELLULOID CIRCUS’s new opportunity at the magazine. Celluloid Circus is “a unique film events and promotion company championing the most exciting films from around the world, whatever their language.” They  “specialise in connecting independent, arthouse and world cinema titles with global audiences. Our clients include film distributors, production companies, international festivals, embassies, cultural institutions, and consumer brands.”

P has endorsed cross-industry marketing of CC in the promotion of award-winning Latin American films on the global stage, including Academy Award nominees, among others.

TO LEARN MORE about CC, please visit their website.

 (06/2016) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce TRACK PERSIA’s new opportunity at the magazine. Track Persia is “a Platform run by dedicated analysts who spend much of their time researching the Middle East”, as well as ME/NE security-threats and influences internationally, including  in Latin America.

P and TP maintain a dual-publishing deal, where writers from each source can be published via both sources when penning Lat Am/NE articles. This ensures variety and wider coverage of information across platforms and regions critical the one another’s global role.

TO LEARN MORE about TP, please visit their website.

laso logo (02/2016) PULSAMERICA would like to introduce  LATIN AMERICAN STUDENTS of OTTAWA (LASO)‘s new opportunity at the magazine. LASO is a student-run, French-Canadian-Colombian-originated organization with an objective to “advocate and promote the culture of Latin Americans”. Their mandate is to “unite Latin American students in the Ottawa/Gatineau area” .

In association with Pulsamerica, missions expand beyond geography . Composed of a highly international academic body, LASO’s members are welcome to contribute articles at Pulsamerica, thus mutually strengthening aspiring students’ dreams and adding to the wealth of Pulsamerica’s variety coverage.

TO LEARN MORE about LASO, please visit their official Facebook outlet.