When a lemon-in-the-eyes social experiment symbolizes the prospective hope yet logical reservation of one terrorist organizations' transition into peace. Photo (c) Semana 2016; FARC logo artistically  added.

COLOMBIA: Reconciling Post-War Terrorists – Contextualizing the New FARC in History’s Shadow

Colombian journalist Daniel Samper recently conducted a light-hearted YouTube challenge…with FARC leader Jesus Santrich. Participating in a viral stunt, it involved squeezing lemon juice into their eyes and seeing who endured…

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Latin America: leading the way on renewables?

Several countries standing out on global scale; high proportion of energy mix comes from renewable sources; unconventional sources such as geothermal and tidal energy being developed. Recent stories emerging from…

Cafu holds aloft the 2002 World Cup in Japan.

Sport: Latin American World Cup Guide

As the World Cup kicks off this week in Brazil, Pulsamerica examines the chances of the Latin American teams participating in the tournament this year Cafu holds aloft the 2002…