November 2015

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VENEZUELA: Maduro Calls OAS Leader “Mr. Trash” For Condemning Opponent’s Death

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has described OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro as “Mr. Trash” for condemning the controversial death of an opponent earlier this week. The name calling follows Almagro’s publically expressed concern about the…


Mexico: Fireworks in rural Mexico

The darkened hands of Armando Henríquez give the onlooker a clue as to his profession. Behind the high walls that enclose his family home he works as a ​cohetero​, a manufacturer…


Urban Wildlife in Colombia

In the trees round uni, everyone knows, are iguanas, bold enough for staring matches, spined and metre-long. Just as common are the parakeets, scarlet fronted or orange cheeked, and a…