0 pulsamericaPulsamerica Magazine’s Contributors have high caliber on-the-ground experience, knowledge and above-all passion for “bringing the Latin American perspective to the English-language world”. Efficient, informative and respectful writing is a must and while we aim for generally impartial pieces, we accept Op-Eds, academic pieces and the prospects of Columnists as first hand perspectives also have great value.

Pulsamerica is a UK-registered online magazine which has collaborated with governmental and NGOs, readership spanning over 100 countries and a concentrated team of Lat Am-passionate analysts that work or have gone onto work for global-spanning employers from Reuters to the UN.

Note: Please consider that Pulsamerica does not offer monetary exchange for writing pieces. Pulsamerica may also offer the opportunity to publish negotiated Sponsored content, where a third party pays for hosting space on the site for relevant content online.

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Pulsamerica upholds several author positions:

Editor-in-Chief is Ailana Navarez, also the magazine owner. The Editor-in-Chief manages magazine policy and affairs, reviews important correspondence and occasionally writes articles.

Contributors choose one or more countries to cover (i.e.: Uruguay)  and/or specific topic(s) (i.e.: economy). Contributors are also welcome to customize their publishing frequency (i.e.: once a week, bi-monthly, monthly, etc…), although we understand that all of our contributors lead very busy lives and schedule changes happen. Therefore, Contributors write about what they want, when they want and how they want under the vast umbrella of upholding professional, knowledgeable and quality content regarding Lat Am applicable topics. NOTE: Numerous contributors cover the same country and areas of concentration, albeit through unique modus operandi.

Guest Writers are Contributors offered a space from one up to a handful of articles without maintaining any official capacity at Pulsamerica. Guest Writers include one-offs, intermittent authors, Sponsored sources, re-publication deals, etc…

Assistant Editors are Contributors who co-assist in occasional editorial quality maintenance of Pulsamerica’s publications.

Deputy Editors are editors from Pulsamerica publishing partners who cooperate in informational diversification and mutual international visibility marketing across platforms, topics and audiences.

Columnists are Contributors with a dedicated space on Pulsamerica and an established professional background. Columnists are notably experienced on-the-ground individuals who exhibit high quality knowledge, professionalism, public recognition, and pro-activity for their valuable viewpoints and endeavors.



0 ailana casco viejo 3Ailana Navarez is Editor-in-Chief of Pulsamerica Mangazine and Deputy Editor of International Policy Digest. She has published over 100 international relations-related articles as a political analyst / journalist with a concentration in Latin American political leadership analysis, commerce, international relations, history and security affairs. As a photographer, she has covered international summits – including of MERCOSUR and the UN. She has also written for World Press.

Navarez holds a BA in Government and Psychology at Harvard, pursuing an MA in Homeland Security at Penn State, and is certified in Competitive Counter Intelligence, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Countering Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum. She speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hawaiian Creole.


Matt Appleby is Assistant Editor to the Editor-in-Chief, Feature Writer and Contributor for Colombia at Pulsamérica. He holds a BAHons in Spanish and French from the University of Cambridge and his short stories have been published in five countries. His interests include twentieth-century Latin American literature and Colombian history.

John Lyman is Deputy Editor at Pulsamerica and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of International Policy Digest – Pulsamerica’s sister-magazine and publishing partner. He completed a Master of Arts in European Studies in 2008 from the University in Amsterdam. In 2010, John completed a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science also from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006. His journalism background in international relations brings unparalleled mutual diversity to International Policy Digest and Pulsamerica’s value across platforms and global readerships.

Daniel Rey is an Assistant Editor at Pulsamérica. He holds a BA from the University of Oxford, and an MPhil in Latin American Studies from Cambridge, where he specialized in history and politics. He is a researcher and journalist.


(Note: Only current contributors listed).

Zarif Ahmed is our Contributor for Latin American politics. He is an aspiring international affairs professional in Canada. He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Political Science, and has a profound interest in international politics, including Asia and the Middle East in addition to Latin America.

Daniel Barker Flores is a Contributor for Mexico. He is a student of Spanish and Latin American Studies at University College London. He spent long periods of his childhood in Mexico and have since been able to travel extensively and work in Latin America, including Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, and Peru. Daniel is particularly interested in assessing the polarizing political movements that have characterized Latin America’s recent history – including the Pink Tide – , as well as understanding the complex social issues and humanitarian cost linked to Latin America’s development in the globalized world; from indigenous rights to the failure of the war on drugs.

Rohan Chatterjee is a Feature Writer for Pulsamerica covering economics, among other topics. Born in India and brought up in England, he graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Ancient History. After graduating, he moved to Venezuela where he discovered a keen interest in Latin American current events. Currently living in Florida, he is in the process of applying to postgraduate courses in Latin American studies.

Andrés Clarke Estrada is our Contributor for Mexico, concentrating in political affairs. A Mexican/British citizen currently residing in the UK, Latin American politics and Mexico, in particular, are among his passions. Having lived in Mexico for most of his life, he has been quite aware of the ongoing social, political and economic situation of Latin America as a whole. He has worked in private and public sectors, as well as CIDAC – a leading think tank that analyses the Mexican state of affairs on a daily basis. He was also employed for over 2 years at the Investor Relations Department of PEMEX, Mexico’s largest public enterprise. He is proficient in Spanish and English and has a working knowledge of French.

William Costa is our Contributor for Mexico. He is currently on his year abroad in Mexico as part of a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies at University College London. He first visited Latin America on a cycle tour that took him from Caracas to Buenos Aires, and subsequently lived in Colombia.

Danielle Craig is our bi-monthly Contributor for Paraguay. She is a recent graduate of Cambridge University, where she studied French and Russian. She has had a number of interesting and varied jobs, including as a translator with Merial in Lyon, music tour manager with Club Europe and media volunteer at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. She has written for the Kyiv Post. Having studied Spanish at school, she was keen to resume her Hispanic studies and found herself drawn to Latin America. She is currently working in Paraguay and looking forward to studying for an MA in Politics next year. Her interests include music, history and current affairs.

Melissa Dear is our Contributor for Chile. She is a recent graduate of Cambridge University, having studied French and Spanish with a particular focus on Latin American Literature. She spent 14 months of her year abroad living and working in Chile, and has grown up between Cuba, Mexico and Europe. She interned for The Santiago Times whilst in Chile. Currently working in London, she is looking forward to starting a Masters course in International Relations next year in Madrid

Jack Hanington is our Contributor for Cuba and Chile. He is currently studying for a joint honours in Spanish and Politics at the University of Glasgow. Previously working as a sports intern for the Sunday Times, he has taken his reporting from the press box to the Latin American continent. During his travels from Havana to Buenas Aires he has furthered his fascination for the region’s varied culture and socio-economic development. With experience of working in agriculture in Cuba, welfare institutions in Bolivia and the third sector in Chile, his major interests are community projects, politics and protest.

Jorge Kawas is our Contributor for El Salvador and high-profile Mexican-Central American commercial, political and security affairs. He holds a BA in International Relations at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and an MA in Countering Organized Crime and Terrorism at University College London. He has worked at the Consulate General of the United States’ Commercial Office in Monterrey, Mexico as a market researcher, and has worked as a research analyst at National Interest, Latin News and EMPRA (Emerging Markets Political Risk Analysis) in Mexico.

Shodona Kettle is our Contributor for the Dominican Republic, Haiti and themes relating to the rights of People of African descent. She is currently the Chair of the Haiti Support Group, and holds an MSc in Globalisation and Latin American Development from University College London. She has travelled extensively in the Latin American and Caribbean region and has lived in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Martinique, Mexico and Germany. Shodona has worked with organisations like the United Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Minority Rights Group International focusing on the rights of Afro- descendants in the region.

Ian Johnston is our Contributor for Colombia. He is a French and Spanish student at the University of Cambridge.  He is currently spending six months working for a Colombian charity, as part of his year abroad. His interests include current affairs, literature, theatre and sport. Having never visited South America before, he is quickly developing a passion for empanadas and salsa.

Valentina Lara-Sanchez is our Contributor for Chile. A Chilean international development graduate student at Tulane University, her areas of interest are conflict studies, gender-based violence, trade-agreement crisis, political campaign support/critic and education in Latin America.

Yasin Mir is our Op-Ed Contributor for Venezuela and Mexico, concentrating in cross-industry destabilization and ideological feuds. He is currently studying Spanish and Latin American studies at University College London. His main interests are focused on the political and economic spheres of Latin America. He spent his formative years in Spain and time in Mexico.

Rose Miyonga is our Contributor for Latin American arts, culture and socio-economic affairs Op-Ed. Having previously studied and worked in Africa and North America, she now resides in Europe where she is a BA Spanish and Portuguese student at University College London. She holds a particular interest in Education, Journalism, Translation and Literature, which has brought her to work in places as diverse as Nairobi and London in the field journalism and the arts. With this borderless profile, she considers herself citizen of the world with a passion for international and multicultural understanding.

Sophia Palmer is our Contributor for Mexico. She is currently studying for a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies at University College London. Having spent the majority of her childhood years living in Spain, she soon developed an interest in Latin America and in particular,  Mexico. Her areas of interest include Latin American arts, historical figures, and current affairs. She is particularly passionate about Frida Kahlo and Eva Perón.

Sofia Papa is our Contributor for Latin American culture and literature. She graduated with a B.A. in Spanish and minor in Sociology from Georgia College & State University. While completing her studies, Sofia also spent a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain studying Spanish language and culture at La Universidad Complutense de Madrid where she was able to learn about and compare the history of Spain to Latin America. She also has extensive translation experience having worked as a translator for the Latin American Association, a social justice non-profit in the Atlanta area, and Andesco, LLC., an international pharmaceutical consulting company. Along with translating, Sofia has also interpreted for renowned Cuban author, Juan Nicolás Padrón. Originally from Puerto Rico and growing up in other various Latin American countries, Sofia’s areas of interest include Caribbean studies as well as Latin American literature, social justice, and current affairs.

Alice Pease is our Contributor on Latin American human rights.  She gained a degree in History and Spanish from the University of Edinburgh and after graduating, moved to Buenos Aires.  There she worked for two Argentine think tanks and loved the country so much that she enrolled in a master’s in European-Latin American relations.  The second part of her degree took her to Italy where she is currently working for the National Research Council in Rome. Her interests include Latin American contemporary history, literature, development issues and human rights, in particular the field of transitional justice.

Sarah Quarmby is our Contributor for Colombia and Chile. She is a Spanish and Latin American Studies undergraduate at University College London. She is currently wrapping up her year abroad in Colombia, where she has been working for the past ten months. During this time, she has gained an understanding of some of the most pertinent issues that country is currently facing. She has also had the chance to spend time in Chile, and her  interests in both countries (indeed, any country) are focused around themes of human rights, women’s rights, social justice, the environment and politics.

Samantha Rebelo Portela is our Ope-Ed Contributor for Brazil. She specializes in environmental development and social issues. She is currently a  PhD candidate at the University of York’s Department of History via scholarship by the Federal Government of Brazil. She has dedicated over 10 years to research, teaching, communication, translation, management and sustainable development. She is a professor with over nine years of research and teaching in Brazilian Universities, including the Federal University of Bahia.

Joe Wallen is our Contributor for Latin American affairs – in national and international relations contexts. He is a British journalist based in London. He covers international affairs; from the nuances of the modern day Middle East to the increasing emergence of Latin America on the global scene. He speaks English and Spanish. Joe previously worked for the Blair family in the United Kingdom producing content which went out on their behalf in publications such as The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and The Times. He has also worked for a number of corporate clients, running Hogan Lovells LLP’s communications around Brexit, as well as supporting the Royal Bank of Canada, Wholesale Market Brokers’ Association and Saxo Bank.


Andrés Arguello was the Editor-in-Chief of Pulsamerica from December 2011 to March 2013. He was raised in Nicaragua and currently lives in Panamá. He graduated from Harvard University with a BA in History and Literature, and from the University of Oxford with an MSc in Latin American Studies. He worked as a speechwriter for presidential candidate Juan Carlos Navarro in 2014.

Angus Berwick was Social Media Manager and Contributor for Chile of Pulsamérica  October 2014 to March 2015. He has worked with Reuters based in London and Madrid, covering politics, business and finance, as well as other journalistic and translation positions in Chile while studying at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He graduated from University College London in Journalism. His work has been syndicated to The New York Times, The Guardian, and other media outlets around the globe.

Ben Darlington is a Co-Founder of Pulsamérica. Following studies at Warwick, the Universidad de Buenos Aires and Cambridge he now works in media. An experienced translator, his bi-lingual edition of Cecilia Maugeri’s Visitante has been published.

Stephen Eisenhammer is a Co-Founder of Pulsamérica. He was previously editor of the Cambridge student magazine ‘Vivid’, as well as the spoof newspaper, ‘the Paddlesworth Press’. Before returning to Cambridge to do an MPhil in Latin American Studies he also worked in South America as an editor for the language travel website Catch the Lingo, putting together destination guides to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

Paul Merchant was Editor-in-Chief of Pulsamerica from March 2013 to February 2014. He is currently studying for an MPhil in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge, and enjoys photography, poetry and singing in spare moments.

Alison O’Connell is Pulsamérica’s former Editor in Chief and Contributor for Brazil. She has a First Class Degree in Portuguese & Brazilian Studies from King’s College London and spent a year at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil. In 2012 she completed an MSc in Latin American Studies at Oxford, winning the Crawley prize for best dissertation. Alison is currently working as a journalist in London as well as contributing to research for the Overseas Development Institute. Her areas of interest include Latin American history, contemporary politics, human rights and social movements.

Rose Stokes was Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Pulsamerica in 2012 and current Program Editor of The Economist. She covered Paraguay and US/Latin American bilateral relations for Pulsamérica. She moved to Asunción, Paraguay in 2010 where she spent a year teaching English and researching Paraguayan culture and politics. She then went on to complete an MPhil on her research at the University of  Cambridge’s Centre of Latin American Studies. Her interests include Latin American visual cultures and literature as well as contemporary politics, indigenous rights and development issues.