Political cohesion is key towards helping Venezuelan economic and positive international reputation recovery...but it could be a long way off.  Photo (c) AFP 2018

VENEZUELA: Foreign Debts and Default: Political and Economic Implications

By Marcus Turner-Jones – It has been well documented in news outlets around the world that Venezuela’s current political and economic situation is catastrophic, with anti-government protests having occurred frequently…

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Limited bilateral relations notwithstanding, there is optimism regarding the future of relations between the EAEU (as a bloc) and Latin America. Photo Illustration (c) John Lyman 2017

OP-ED: The Eurasian Economic Union and Latin America: What Could 2018 Bring?

By Alex Sanchez: Cross-posted from International Policy Digest – As the world becomes more interconnected, regions that are geographically distant are now becoming closer as diplomatic and trade ties develop….

Stamping out the illicit trade would be a boon for Latin America’s cash-strapped governments, still reeling from the slowdown of the commodity super cycle. Photo (c) Cubasi 2017

OP-ED: CORRUPTION: Big Tobacco Feeds Latin American Corruption

By Isabela Fernandez; originally published at International Policy Digest – Just how widespread is corruption in Latin America? A recent Transparency International study lays bare the region’s worrying trend, with most countries…

Latin America cannot be properly understood without the mixture of heritages from all over the world. Photo (c)  The Economist 2015

LATIN AMERICA: Identity and Dual Citizenship

Migration is a deeply entrenched concept within Latin America. Whether it is people crossing a border to establish themselves in a foreign land or a State receiving an influx of…

New business ventures exemplifies that though ties have changed, Russia certainly continues to see Venezuela as an asset. Photo (c) Panorama 2017

OP-ED: INTERNATIONAL: Russia & Venezuela: From Allies to Patronage?

By W. Alex Sánchez and Brittney Figueroa; originally published on International Policy Digest – Venezuela’s political and economic meltdown continues while President Nicolas Maduro’s priority is to remain in power. Meanwhile,…

The current political instability in South America could spread to neighboring countries and end in a full blown economic and financial crisis.
 Photo (c) CNN 2016

SOUTH AMERICA: Political Instability and Impending Crisis?

By Dr. Vince Hooper – The current political instability in South America could spread to neighboring countries and end in a full blown economic and financial crisis. South America’s problems…

Latin America's complex populism experience is often overlooked. Those countering it in Europe, the US and elsewhere would be wise to consider it. Photo (c) Urgente 24 2007

POLITICS: US, Lat Am & EU Populism: Still Expanding Horizons  

(Cross-Posted article by Elmer Hernandez from PGW Global and International Policy Digest) – Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have provided a rude awakening for many in Europe who had ignored the…

Dr. Solheim: Latin America's lacking criminal justice systems, political leadership, and socioeconomic inequality aggravate its security problem. Photo (c) La Prensa Honduras 2013

SECURITY: Latin America’s Problem: What to Expect and What Should be Done  

By Dr. Håvar Solheim; University lecturer Modern History; Department of Latin American Studies; Leiden University – For years Latin America has been profiled as one of the most violent regions in…

Barbaro: "These anti-liberal policies seemed to be the solution to underdevelopment in South America, but were the opposite." Photo (c) Centro Tampa 2017

OP-ED: POLITICS: Can Leftist Populism be Defeated in South America?

(Cross-posted article by Facundo Barbaro; Young Diplomats) – The latest elections and polls led the world to believe that the depleted and drifting leftist governments of the region were about to…

High commodity prices and mineral royalties increased government revenue. Extra money was invested in education, healthcare, and social-assistance programs. Photo (c) Shale Seguro 207

ECONOMY: The Limited Resilience of South America’s Commodity Boom

(By Barbara Hogenboom and Marjo de Theije) – In the last decade, South America has seen substantial economic growth combined with impressive social progress. While the surge in social spending…

Since many South American nations have dollar driven debts, the fact that the U.S dollar is expected to remain strong in the immediate future, many governments will struggle to pay their debt fees and experience a decline in budget revenues.

POLITICS: South American Geopolitical Forecast of 2017

By Vincent Lofaso – In South America, the geopolitical prospects differ between countries. Some nations will focus on deterring criminal syndications and settle peace deals with rebel forces while others…

Colombian cartels should be regarded as major International corporations with strong governmental links. Photo (c) Young Diplomats 2016

SECURITY: How Does a Narco-State Work?

(By Rosario Hernandez; Young Diplomats): A Narco-State, by definition, is an area or government that is involved in drug trafficking directly or indirectly. It varies from having a figure as important…

Many local and international entities are advocating for "peace" in Venezuela. But definitions of "peace" vary significantly. Photo (c) Globovision 2016

VENEZUELA Economic-Political Crisis: International Mediation Efforts amid Local Miscommunication and Distrust

Dialogue facilitators between the Venezuelan government and opposition have called to “stop the campaign of public disqualification” to advance the process that seeks to reverse its political and economic crisis. “We…

As western media concentrates on the US firearms debate, Panama offers an also telling case study. Photo (c) Ailana Navarez ; Pulsamerica 2016 ft. ex-Deputy Yassir Purcait ; Balboa Gun Club

PANAMA: Plata, Plomo y la Politica: Fighting the War on Firearms and Corruption

Economic crisis brings history changing implications. Each country handles insecurity, political tensions, and corruption distinctly. Survival is of mutual interest. When it comes to survivalist crisis management, Panama is a…

How do telenovelas - idols of entertainment and popular culture - exist in the name of agendas they attempt to escape? - Photos (c) (left to right) La Reina del Sur, El Chavo del Ocho, Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso, Narcos, Muñeca Brava, Hasta Que Te Conocí, Yo Soy Betty la Fea

EDITOR’S NOTES: The Economic and Political Power of Telenovelas

How do telenovelas – idols of entertainment and popular culture – exist in the name of agendas they attempt to escape? As the popularity of Latin American telenovelas expand into…

What does the Venezuelan crisis and Mexican Singer Juan Gabriel's death have in common? Photos (c) Univsion 2016

EDITOR’S NOTES: How Mixed Accounts in Mass Media Influence Daily Life and Historic Policies

What does the Venezuelan crisis and Mexican Singer Juan Gabriel’s death have in common? Or one could approach the same big-picture question another way: Many cultured book worms enjoy when the same…

The re-questioning of Venezuela's Mercosur acceptability marks a corner stone in South America's historical bell shape curve. Photo (c) La Nación Argentina 2016

MERCOSUR: Venezuela Crisis and Big Picture Regional Implications

Venezuela’s assuming of the Mercosur pro-tempore presidency has not only tested the  regional economic bloc’s crisis-era resilience, but furthermore right and left-wing governmental relations – public and private. The re-questioning…

"Knowledge is power" is becoming more tangible by the day.

ECONOMY: Globalization and Developing Regions Power War in the Information Age

Current trends of globalization – particularly in developing regions such as Lat Am – are provoking renown economists as Joseph Stiglitz to question whether our so-called “knowledge/information based economy” is…