June 2014


Disease in Colonial America

Coughs and Sneezes, Portugueses I think I know my history. The Spanish showed up in America, had a look around, then, like War of the Worlds, all of the baddies…

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Latin America: leading the way on renewables?

Several countries standing out on global scale; high proportion of energy mix comes from renewable sources; unconventional sources such as geothermal and tidal energy being developed. Recent stories emerging from…


Chile: World Cup fever

Much has been written recently about the cost of the World Cup or corruption in FIFA. In the midst of this it is easy to lose sight of the euphoria…


Hoatzin: A hero

No-one talks about hoatzins, it’s properly unfair. I promise they’re great, and if you don’t think so by the end of this article, well, there’s not much I can do…


The World Cup: Falling Over, Rolling Around

You watch the England match? Was great, we lost. And there were these screaming fans, and outside the civilians screaming too, and dry ice for the footballers, and canisters of…


Honduras: Devaluation hits agricultural sector

Devaluation hits agricultural sector; Congress approves legislation protecting journalists; Violent attacks persist on public transport Devaluation hits agricultural sector The lempira, Honduras’ currency, and its most recent devaluation ($1 =…


Brazil: Is Rio ready?

I admit that I am not a big fan of football. I tend to tune in around the World Cup semi-finals, and even then I don’t much care who wins….