EDITOR’s NOTES: Panama Papers Behind the Scenes


At this point, you’re probably familiar with the news that 370 journalists from around the world have participated in an intensive international investigation into tax havens, culminating with the release of 11.5 million documents.

Actually, the Central American country of Panama has been hosting such activities  for decades. So the question is now, why now the so-called “Panama Papers” revelations, especially since Mossack Fonseca admits that most of the deals regarding the papers themselves are a decade plus old and NEVER before had significant run ins with the law? Why now?

ANSWER: The Panama Papers is a LOT bigger than the Panama Papers.

Let’s start from the ground up.

Most of us have already heard that Mossack Fonseca is a Panama-based law firm that specializes in creating commercial companies offshore.

According to the recent leaks, up to 12 heads of state and numerous personalities of political, cultural and sports fields are linked to the firm. Filtration provides data on financial activities of 128 alleged political and public positions of different countries.

Several heads of state and other political figures allegedly involved in the Panama Papers scandal. Photo (c) RPP Noticias 2016

Today, Mossack Fonseca is not alone. In fact, it considered just one of the five largest “wholesale” firms in the world of offshore secrets. It has more than 500 employees in over 40 offices worldwide, including three in Switzerland and eight in China, and in 2013 had sales of more than 42 million US dollars. In fact, the dirty fingers of Mossack Fonseca can be found in the diamond trade in Africa to the international art market and other businesses that thrive under the radar.

Western media have already taken the filtration to make a propaganda attack against the figure of President Vladimir Putin.  And yet just days before, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, warned that the Kremlin was aware of preparations for a” media attack “against President Vladimir Putin.”

Whether founded or not, let’s cut conspiracy theories and get back to numbers.

Put simply: this issue deals with the nebulous world of tax evasion and tax havens, which according to the World Bank, IMF, UN and central banks hide between 21 and 32 billion, by law firms in small Caribbean countries and territories who “launder” money from the ultra rich.

One of the important connections Mossack Fonseca, we have is ++++DRUM ROLLL++++ The United States.


Now, don’t take this wrong and think I’m saying that Uncle Sam is a “big bad wolf here”. All that the Panama Papers case study demonstrates, however, is that neither is it an innocent player in this elaborate, ancient economic-political tango.

Relevant Mossack Fonseca offices. Photo (c) Record Mexico 2016

Here’s an example. Nevada has become the New World Tax Haven, within the US itself, along with other states like Wyoming, Delaware and South Dakota. If you’ve ever yachted abroad, it’s no mistake that a tone of boats carry US, British Virgin Isles and Panamanian flags and registrations.

So it is especially ironic that the US, after years of pressuring other countries to pursue wealthy Americans who evaded their money in offshore tax havens, have become precisely in a tax haven hiding in secret money evaded by all types of global billionaires.

That dirty foreign and local currency is welcome in the US without asking too many questions, and is protected by the most impenetrable tax secrecy available anywhere on the planet.

You could even say that US tax havens are the new Switzerland, Bahamas or…Panama.

In fact, for most Americans, the concept of tax haven offshore no longer makes sense with the approval of the FATCA law, which makes it almost impossible to carry dirty American money abroad.

Now, a lot of  that dirty money … happens to be bleached within the US itself.

But if there is a specific firm headed by converting the US into a new tax haven to Panama style is… Rothschild.

European bank Rothschild, which happens to have a strong influence on the US Federal Reserve and other major banks based in Switzerland, Bermuda and  the Cayman Islands have opened and transfer the fortunes of their foreign customers to their new branches in the states of Nevada and South Dakota. Here, they are conveniently not subject to the new rules of disclosure and promote confidentiality and low taxation.

European bank Rothschild, which happens to have a strong influence on the US Federal Reserve and other major banks based in Switzerland, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands have opened and transfer the fortunes of their foreign customers to their new branches in the states of Nevada and South Dakota. Photo (c) Today Online 2015

Yes, the US attracts foreign customers to deposit their money in the country, ensuring full confidentiality in return, making the US one of the few countries where financial institutions promote fundraising, ensuring that information on deposits will not be disclosed to foreign authorities.

So, is it very clear what this is really the whole issue of ” Panama Papers” yet?

Perhaps it is a great play to end once and for all tax havens like Panama, with one obvious potential goal: ending the “competition” and turn the US into the only real tax haven in the world that the ultra rich move their capital to be stored under the radar.

And the main beneficiaries of this maneuver of “destruction of competition” are precisely firms such as Rothschild group, who are actively promoting the creation of these tax havens within the US.

Now we hear a lot of people who mouth about the scandals of tax evasion people close to Putin, Messi, Almodovar, Neymar, the Kirchners, Xi Jiping, Jiagui, Poroshenko, Hinojosa, Zuma, Mubarak, Pena Nieto, Gunnlaugsson, Cahuzac, Sharples, the Saud royal family, Vathana, Aliyev, the Rotenberg brothers, Macri, the sister of the King of Spain and others will be filled, and advocate being punished with all the weight of law, and many of them tell us about “the great journalistic work done by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).”

There will even be a number of memos that sell us the sound bite that the “world is changing,” and we say that “billionaires and elites are beginning to be persecuted” and that justice is being gained in the world.

But none of them tell us that there are some aspects of this research that seemed to be suspiciously missing.

For example, so far, have you noticed that no prominent American name appeared in the leaks?

And maybe we should know who are the main donors of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Among them we can find: Adessium Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Fritt Ord Foundation, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, The Ford Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts and Waterloo Foundation.

Mossack Fonseca is not alone. In fact, it considered just one of the five largest “wholesale” firms in the world of offshore secrets. Photo (c) New Yorker 2016

So it’s noteworthy that one of the main funders of this organization is….++++DRUM ROLL+++++  tycoon George Soros.

That should also give pause, right?

Therefore, what we’re looking for, it is not exactly a pure journalistic investigation, but a maneuver of certain elites to enrich themselves and reshape many aspects of the world economy and to boost their self enriching plans for the new paradigm they are designing.

Among them, the need to eliminate physical money and impose the use of electronic money under the pretext of combating tax evasion – A change that will make us all totally dependent on banks and the states that serve as executive slaves.

And get used to listening to exhaustion the word “global”, “first global journalistic investigation”, “global tax fraud”, “need for global control agencies capital”, etc, etc …

So, all this is being designed to promote a particular agenda – 1% mechanisms adjusting to a quieter, more powerful version for a modern world tired of old ways. No change of 1%-ism, simply modernization.

If anyone thought that the elites were losing control of the situation and that their power was being threatened, think about the behind the scenes of the Panama Papers.

How much is random? You decide.


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Ailana Navarez
Ailana Navarez is Editor-in-Chief of Pulsamerica Mangazine and Deputy Editor of International Policy Digest. She has published over 100 international relations-related articles as a political analyst / journalist with a concentration in Latin American political leadership analysis, commerce, international relations, history and security affairs. As a photographer, she has covered international summits – including of MERCOSUR and the UN. She has also written for World Press. Navarez holds a BA in Government and Psychology at Harvard, pursuing an MA in Homeland Security at Penn State, and is certified in Competitive Counter Intelligence, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Countering Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum. She speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hawaiian Creole.