Cortege During the Night - Senhoras da Boa Morte

Ladies of The Tradition: Festa da Irmandade da Boa Morte

The Festival of the Sisterhood of Boa Morte (Good Death). The social marginalised women that  preserve the roots of Afro-Brazilian traditions.[/caption]   For five days every August since 1820,…

Pope John Paul II on a visit to Brazil in 1997

Latin America: Papal politics

Latin Americans celebrate the historic canonisation of two popes; as the spiritual influence of the Church declines, it emerges as a political force Last Sunday, thousands celebrated the canonisation of…

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Brazil 09/10/11

Dilma meets Blatter to discuss World Cup preparations, auto giants announce huge investment in Brazil, and the country’s Catholic population hits an all-time low.

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The Caribbean 25/04/11

Staff of two Dominican hospitals are cautioned for sending home a patient discovered to be HIV positive, whilst in Puerto Rico, Easter festivities are reinterpreted in the name of political…