Uribe and his followers have made careers out of the Colombian civil war. How willing are they to end it?

LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS: Plata o Plomo – The Origins of Uribe’s Anti-Peace Process Agenda

Outspoken Colombian Ex-President Alvaro Uribe’s call for civil resistance against the Santos government-FARC peace process in Havana during its final stages must be interpreted through various contextual circumstances, principally via economic, political but perhaps…

The shared space of the Caribbean develops this culture that surpasses artificial borders and results in a unique pan-Caribbean aesthetic that pushes against reality as a sort of realism.

CULTURE OP-ED: Heightened and Marvelous Reality: The Shared Aesthetic of Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of This World and Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective              

Guest article by Sofia Papa and coordinated by Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Georgia College Brantley Nicholson of the  (see…

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Cuba 19/03/2012

Videos released of life inside a Cuban prison, dissidents occupy churches to protest the pope’s visit, and Vatican announces a special gift for the country.

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Cuba 12/03/2012

The country prepares for the Pope, the Culture Minister steps down, and Santos visits with news of Cuba’s Summit of the Americas fate.

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Cuba 12/12/2011

President Castro travels to Trinidad for Cuba-CARICOM summit, Elián González turns 18, and exiles launch fireworks off Havana in support of human rights.

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Cuba 28/11/2011

Cuba allows farmers to sell to tourist facilities, opens credit to small business, and permits migration to Havana. The Spanish elections raise questions on future relations.

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Cuba 14/11/2011

Cuba celebrates its Catholic patron, appoints a new Minister of Defense, and vows to fight corruption. Mariela Castro makes a controversial foray into Twitter.

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Paraguay 21/02/11

President Lugo visits Castro brothers in Havana, as Paraguay gets ready to host 21st Ibero-American Summit and social development campaign proceeds in Asunción